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Shot Glasses From Around The World

To Travel is to Live


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When not traveling, I like to work on special projects at home. As a career mom of 2 boys and a wife, I am always on the go. Travelers, my advice to you is simple and finite. Stop. Breathe and live a little.

This holiday weekend was devoted to self-care and spending some quality time putting some creative juices into our casa (home). As a former freelance artist and a task driven person, DIY (Do It Yourself) projects gives me a sense of accomplishment, and reminds me of the amazing travel memories. Of course it adds to the home decor.

Over the years, I have been doing “one shot glass at a time!” I collect shot glasses from every country I visit. Now I find joy in compiling them into one unique design where I can stare at these small wonders of the world. Replicas of my treks and travels across the globe.

What’s your DIY project this fall?

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