Travel Will Come Back…


Travel comes back. It does. It will. Yet while I wait, I will update my Ultimate Bucket list as veteran travel host Samantha Brown soothed.

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I’ve been hosting travel shows for 21 years and in that time I have gone thru 9-11 where I had to get back to work a week after, the financial crisis of 2007, —There was H1N1, floods, fires and volcanic eruptions. All of these events abruptly changed my immediate course of travel and threatened to change how we travel as a whole. But one thing I’ve learned in two decades is that Travel Comes Back. ⠀ I’ve also learned that when I watch the news it feels like the world is ending and when I head outside in my community as well as travel abroad I know it is not. ⠀ Clearly there are people who should not be traveling now —also obvious where we can’t go for awhile. But what is unclear and therefore most difficult to take is how unpredictable all our lives have become. ⠀ But Travel Comes Back. ⠀ And soon you will want to go somewhere anywhere to prove that as human beings it is impossible for us to keep our social distance. ⠀ As of March 11 there are no federal guidelines stopping any travel in the United States. International travel makes us uneasy because of how rapidly things are changing. Believe me, I get it. It’s not just me I worry about but 6 crew members whom I love as well as caring about the people we interact with. ⠀ A little fact I love is that simply the act of PLANNING travel puts us in the same psychological happy place as BEING in a destination. Did you know that? So dream + PLAN your next trip for this spring+summer because right now your Mental Health is just as important. What makes us happier makes us healthier. Here are 3 things to know: 1. Most airlines are waving fees for future travel. Check the airlines 2. Get a Travel Agent. their job is to navigate this world and be your advocate. AAA travel agents are a great source of knowledge+peace of mind. Full disclosure they help fund my travel series on PBS and I’m really proud of them and their support of me. 3. Call cruiselines, hotels, outfitters. talk to a person about their cancellation fee. they want to hear from you and are doing a lot so you’ll come. ⠀ In the words of Steve Perry (who I once dreamt we hosted a travel show together) “Don’t Stop Believing”! ⠀

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