Travel’s Hidden Island Gem…

Great music, vibes, and food bring a beach experience at Hellshire together. Start your day off by finding the perfect spot, then scoping the best place to try delicious seafood, and in particular, sampling the pepper shrimp sold by Stephanie or ‘Sexy Shrimpie’, as she is known by locals and tourists alike. You may find beach vendors selling things like peanut cake, or fresh lobster, the price of which is usually negotiable. On some days you may even be able to do a reflexology session or get a massage from the Rastafarian masseuse with magic fingers who sometimes frequents the beach. In terms of its physical attributes, the beach has black sand in some places, and you can see the Blue Mountains in the distance. The water is crystal clear, and the beach is usually quite active, sometimes playing host to festivals and concerts. Hellshire beach is about a 30-minute drive from Kingston.

Insider tip: Definitely don’t leave Hellshire Beach until you get your fill of fried fish, which it is famous for. Have your meal with a side of “festival” or “bammy”.

Kylie Morrow

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