Travel Packing: Know What To Roll And What To Fold…

I love family travel! When summer hits, my boys and I are off some place globe trotting. But with family travel comes packing. Travel and Leisure shared tips on how to lighten your suitcase. With luggage costs on the rise, I eagerly rolled over their tips. Of their seven, here are my mom’s favorite three:

Know What To Roll & What To Fold

Though rolling will provide space in your suitcase, you have to know which fabrics to roll and which to fold. Roll synthetic fabrics that do not wrinkle. Then feel free to fold cotton shirts and such fabrics flat.

Pack for a Week Or Less And Do Laundry

The tip is to pack items that will carry you over a week or less and do laundry while traveling. Most hotels offer this service or you can do it yourself if staying at an Airbnb or wash and dry simple items.

Pack Around One Basic Color

Black, Navy or Olive Green is suggested while not sacrificing style. Accessories can change the look. 3 tops for every bottom works too. About the shoes…just had to throw this one in. Pack no more than 3 pairs of shoes and stuff smaller shoes into larger ones.

No doubt these tips will help you on your next getaway especially when traveling with family that includes young children. Who doesn’t wish to reduce those high baggage fees!


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