The Ipic Food Experience At The Movies

Some birds can’t be caged

Fast 9

I saw the movie Fast 9! Really enjoyed it. I was always a fan of the franchise and the cast. I have been a fan of the late Paul walker since early years. There will be some scenes that will have you going, “really guys!?” But, as always Ipic Delray has really handled Covid safety protocols very well. This includes food distribution, mask requirements and seating capacity while observing social distancing. As always, we love to indulge from the cocktail menu. The artistic designs, the sweet potato fries and their hamburger is to die for.

Even-though restrictions are somewhat lifted, it is very important to adhere to safety guidelines and respect each other, especially those among the vulnerable population. Do you feel safe seeing movies at the theatre now? Is it too soon? What do you think?

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