Travel Channel’s How Do You Immerse Yourself In The Places You Visit?

Blending In With The Locals

Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown asked the question how do you blend in with the locals when you travel? Personally, when I travel, I like to do the traditional which is to visit the landmark destinations. For example when I visited Paris, my agenda was filled with seeing the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and such.

On the other hand, my hubby tends to immerse himself with the locals. He prefers to go to places that are not famous landmarks. He loves the undiscoverable areas. He partakes of the local food, attempts to order in the language at restaurants, rents a car and drive to the local markets, and the like. For example when we visited Costa Rica with our kids, we rented a car and drove up to the mountains. Our main stay is usually in the city but we get away in order to find the local spots.

Quite differently, when my mom travels it’s usually for business. So she gets to the conference location, attends her meetings. Maybe visits a tourist destination if the meeting has it on the agenda and then she is out on the next flight. Totally contrary to what hubby and I do.

So what do you do when you travel?

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